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Planning Your Snowmass Vacation

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Tips and tricks to know as you prepare for your visit

Snowmass— the quaint yet vibrant mountain village where you go to escape the hustle and bustle of home and connect with your loved ones. As you begin preparing for your trip, we are here to lend a hand with insider knowledge, so you can relax and enjoy every moment once you arrive. 


The Aspen/Pitkin County Airport (ASE) is only 15 minutes from Snowmass. Many hotels offer complimentary transportation to and from the airport. Between this and our free, reliable public transportation through the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA), you do not need to rent a car. The RFTA buses run directly to and from Snowmass to the airport and nearby Aspen. Once you arrive in Snowmass, utilize the free Snowmass Village Shuttles to get from one place to another within the town.

For those who fly into Denver International Airport (DIA) or Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE), Roaring Fork Express offers transportation between Snowmass Village and these locations.

Please note that the Aspen Snowmass area does not have a significant Uber/Lyft presence. We recommend not relying on those shared ride providers as your primary mode of transportation. You can schedule a taxi or limo service through one of the many options listed on our transportation page. 

Lay of the Land

Snowmass is made up of the Snowmass Mall, Base Village, and the Snowmass Center. The Snowmass Mall is located up the hill from Snowmass Base Village, and the Snowmass Center is located a 10-minute walk from Base Village. You can walk between all of these locations, but you will want to make sure you have shoes suitable for the winter weather. There is also a small gondola, the Sky Cab (Skittles), that runs between the Snowmass Mall and Snowmass Base Village. The Snowmass Mall and Snowmass Base Village hold a multitude of lodging, shopping, and dining options. The Snowmass Center holds the grocery store, liquor store, and a few other shopping and dining options.

Snowmass With Kids

Snowmass is the perfect place to stay for those traveling with children. From 95% of lodging being ski-in/ski-out (hooray for not carrying gear everywhere!) to the Treehouse Kids’ Adventure Center located in Base Village, you can’t go wrong choosing Snowmass for your family vacation. Check out this page for a list of our favorite things to do with kids in Snowmass. 

Maximize Your Time on the Slopes

Purchase your lift tickets ahead of time for the biggest discounts, as well as making it easier for you once you arrive in town. Pre-purchased lift tickets can be picked up without ever entering a ticket office by utilizing the pickup boxes located around Snowmass Base Village and the Snowmass Mall. If you book through a hotel concierge, you can also opt to have your lift tickets delivered to your hotel. 

Another way to maximize your time on the snow is to pick up rentals the day prior to your first day skiing or snowboarding. Many places allow you to pick up rentals the afternoon or evening before your first paid rental day. This is a great way to avoid the morning crowds in the rental shops and add extra laps on the chairlift instead. 

What to Wear

You can leave your high heels at home when you come for your mountain getaway. Casual clothing is great both during the day and in the evening for Snowmass. Generally, a sweater and pair of jeans with boots are a great staple for dinners out, though you’ll still fit right in if you decide to go a bit fancier or a bit more casual.

Temperatures vary widely from day to night, meaning you will want to pack plenty of layers. Aside from the basics you think of when packing for a winter mountain getaway (waterproof outer layers, beanie, gloves, puffy coat, and snow boots), be sure not to forget sunscreen, lip balm, moisturizer, and base layers made of moisture-wicking fabrics, such as wool. Packing plenty of layers will allow you to adjust your outfit based on the current weather conditions.


Snowmass resides at 8,209 feet. The best way to prepare for the high altitude is to hydrate well before arriving and continue to hydrate once you are here. Upon arrival, use lip balm, moisturizer, and a humidifier (offered at many lodging options) to aid in adjusting to the dry climate. You will also want to take it easy on alcohol your first night in town, as you may feel the effects more than usual as you adjust. 

We hope you feel more prepared now that you know what to expect upon arrival. Use these tips and tricks to plan your vacation so that you can relax and enjoy your mountain getaway from the second you arrive.

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