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If you’d like to check out the sights from a rarefied view, Hot Air Ballooning is the thrilling way to go. Early morning sunrise rides at Snowmass take visitors up nearly 2,500-feet in altitude over the Snowmass landscape, providing expansive views of Mount Daly, Capitol Peak, and the Elk Mountains. Wildlife like elk, deer, and fox are often visible from the balloon as well. Visitors float with a knowledgeable FAA-licensed commercial balloon pilot up to breathtaking heights for about an hour before returning to the ground for a champagne brunch. Whether as a family adventure, a magical romantic escape, or a special occasion, hot air ballooning promises to be the highlight of any mountain vacation.

Looking for the perfect fall getaway? For nearly 40 years, the Snowmass Balloon Festival has lit up the September sky with the highest altitude balloon event in the country. Over three days, dozens of pilots compete in hot air balloon challenges such as a distance race down valley, while the highlight is always the Saturday evening balloon glow, a spectacular sight to behold. Pair the hot air balloons with the glorious fall colors, and you’ve got one of the most picturesque weekend events in the west!

Local Guides
Above It All Balloon Company – 888.927.9606



Snowmass Village is a mandatory mask zone, indoors and out. Please wear your face mask and practice 6’ distancing to keep our community healthy and safe.

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