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Uphilling has quickly risen to popularity in the ski community. Instead of a leisurely ride on the Elk Camp Gondola or chairlifts, you can earn your turns traversing up the mountain on alpine touring skis or splitboards. This workout with a reward is an awesome way to change up your on-mountain experience but comes with rules to ensure everyone’s safety. Our rules are put in place to minimize conflicts between uphill and downhill traffic on the slopes and maximize everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

*** Reminder: All uphillers are required to have an Uphill Pass ($69) ***

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Snowmass is one of the few mountains that allows 24 hour uphill access. This season, uphillers will be asked to recreate on designated routes during operating hours (while the lifts are spinning). In order for us to keep everyone on the mountain safe, here are some important rules to know before you head up the mountain:

  • Uphillers must adhere to designated uphill routes during operating hours:
    • Two Creeks: Cascade to top of Funnel around Causeway (bottom of L10) to EC restaurant.
    • High Alpine Restaurant: Fanny Hill to McNamara Ridge to Coffee Pot to HA Restaurant.
    • Sam’s Knob: Fanny Hill to TOV headwall/Dawdler to Lower Velvet Falls to Upper Velvet Falls to midstation of VX to Coney Glade Trail to Banzai Ridge to top of Knob.
    • Elk Camp: Base Village to Funnel up to Elk Camp Restaurant.
  • Uphillers must remain visible at all times: headlamps AND taillights are encouraged in the dark, please help snow-makers and groomers see you if you go out before sunrise or after sunset
  • Uphillers must stay on the side of the trail: stay visible but close to treeline
  • Uphillers must be aware of downhill traffic and avoid blind spots
  • Uphillers must stay away from all snowmaking equipment and may not cross snowmaking lines at any time.
  • All uphillers must have a valid lift ticket or pass to ride up any lifts, you only need an uphill pass (new for the 2021/2022 season) if you are not planning on riding any ski lifts
  • As with downhill traffic, uphill traffic must obey all on-mountain signage — including closed runs — and rope lines. Uphill access may close during operating hours depending on snowfall and downhill traffic
  • Dogs are prohibited between 7:45 AM – 4:45 PM at Snowmass during the ski season. Outside of those hours, you may bring your dog on-mountain with you, please be sure to clean up after your canine friend – no one wants to ski through dog poo!

Please be aware that no ski area services, including Ski Patrol, are available during hours that the ski areas are not open for business. Please call 911 in the event of an emergency during non-operational hours. You are responsible for your own safety at all times while on Aspen Skiing Company property.

Respecting these rules preserves this privilege. Failure to follow these rules could result in the loss of skiing and riding privileges.

Here, you’ll find the full list of Aspen Snowmass uphilling policies.

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