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Parking Information in Snowmass Village

FREE Day Parking:

Town Park Station (formerly Rodeo Lot), shuttles depart starting at 6:40am every twenty min. until 7:20am for the ski area. 10 minute service 7:30am – 5:20pm. HOV (four or more) park free in lots C (weekends and holidays) & Two Creeks (everyday).

There is NO overnight parking in the Town Park Station lot.

During the summer months parking is free in the Base Village Parking Garage.


PAID Parking:

The Base Village Parking Garage offers 1 hour of free parking and $5 per additional hour up to a maximum of $30 per day. Paid parking is enforced from 7am – 5pm. Weekly and season-long parking passes for the garage are available. The parking garage is free during the summer months. Additional paid parking is available in Lot C (weekends and holidays only), Lot E, and Two Creeks (everyday). Prices are $12 on weekdays and $25 on weekends and holidays.

HOV (four or more) park free in Lot C (weekends and holidays), E and Two Creeks. Transferable season parking permits for Lot C, E, Two Creeks, and Aspen Highlands are $389, and can be purchased from the parking attendant from 8am until noon daily in Two Creeks, and on weekends and holidays in Lot C from 8am until noon. Spaces are limited and permits do not guarantee a spot.

Day lockers are available in the bottom level of the Base Village Transit Center and a minimal number (only 4) of full sized lockers are available to rent for the season.  Call 924-6016 for more information.

Additional lockers are available on the plaza level.


Parking for Persons with Disabilities:

Snowmass Village Mall: There are four handicap parking spaces per lot in parking lots 1-13.

Town Park Station: There are six handicap parking spaces located just behind the building as well as two additional parallel parking spaces along Daly Lane.

Base Village Parking Garage: Multiple handicap parking spaces located throughout the garage on every parking level.


FREE BUS Service:
Buses from Aspen to Snowmass will run on the following schedule:

Aspen to Snowmass Mall (Times from Rubey Park) 6:15am, 6:45am; 7:15am;7:45am-8:15pm at least every 7 to 15 minutes. Always at :00, :15, :30, :45. From 8:15pm- 2:15am, 30 Minute service at :15 and :45.

Buses from Snowmass to Aspen will run on the following schedule:

Snowmass Mall to Aspen: 6:15am, 6:45am; 7:15am; 7:45am-8:15pm at least every 7 to 15 minutes. Always at :00, :15, :30, :45. From 8:15pm- 2:15am, 30 Minute service at :15 and :45.

Snowmass Base Village to Aspen Bus Schedule:

6:17am, 6:47am; 7:17am; 7:47am-8:17pm at least every 7 to 15 minutes. Always at :02, :17, :32, :47. From 8:17pm- 2:17am, 30 Minute service at :17 and :47.

Snowmass to Highlands:

Direct at 9:00am & 10:00am and via transfer at the roundabout throughout day.

Snowmass to Buttermilk:

Ride any Aspen-bound Skier Shuttle and request the Buttermilk stop.

To access Two Creeks by bus from Aspen:  Riders must take the #3 Village Shuttle from the mall. RFTA will not be running a direct bus from Aspen to Two Creeks.