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Snowmass Art Walk

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The Snowmass Art Walk showcases the work of local Roaring Fork Valley artists with Village-wide outdoor art installations including murals and sculptures that complement the beauty of Snowmass.

Installations are spread out around the Snowmass Mall, Snowmass Base Village, the Brush Creek Trail, and Anderson Ranch Arts Center.

Snowmass Tourism partnered with Anderson Ranch Arts Center, a premier destination for art making and critical dialog in the contemporary art world, the Snowmass Arts Advisory Board, as well Kelly Peters from Straight Line Studio, and other previously showcased artists to create the Snowmass Art Walk.

The full map can be found below, or for your map on the go, download the mobile app, Eventzee. Simply download the app from the App Store, enter an email, username, and password, and the event code: Snowmass. Be sure to tag any photos on social media @snowmass.


Snowmass Art Walk Artists & Locations –  

Chris Erickson – Chris Erickson is a contemporary artist, who’s work blurs the line between sculpture and painting. His work encourages the examination of color as expression and its relationship to human behavior. Currently a resident at SAW in Carbondale, Colorado, his recent bodies of work demonstrate inspiration drawn from graphic design, graffiti art, and fine art techniques. His piece, SuperULTRAmega, found on the Snowmass Mall next to Christy Sports, is an interpretation of distilling the distracting noise of the modern technological world into a tenacious display of energy.

Clinton Reynolds – Clinton Reynolds is a visual artist, practicing in acrylic painting and natural sculpture. He finds most of his inspiration in nature, music, and decor. Currently most of his works consist of weathered sticks which are intricately woven into nests, domes, and other organic shapes. Reynolds’ ephemeral nest installation can be found along the Brush Creek Trail between Base Village and Anderson Ranch Arts Center.

Esther Macy Nooner – Esther Macy Nooner is the studio coordinator for photography and new media at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass Village, CO. She spent much of her childhood exploring coastal and rural terrains that provided a fundamental belief in the necessity and importance of Nature to human beings. Her adhesive vinyl print of a landscape photograph is located on the ground of the Snowmass Mall, a heavily trafficked area meant as a metaphor to showcase human effect on the environment.

Louise Deroualle – Louise Deroualle is the ceramic studio coordinator at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass Village, CO. An award-winning ceramicist, Deroualle uses ceramic materials to create formal abstractions that reveal different facets—physical, experiential, emotional—of herself. Her ceramic sculpture, “Personal Landscape”, located in Base Village next to The Collective Snowmass on the lower level, represents thin and fragile barriers between the internal and external world.

Thomas Barlow – Thomas Barlow, a Roaring Fork Valley sculptor, utilizes mediums such as ice, wood, snow, and hand forged steel in his wide variety of work. His previous Snowmass installations include several ice sculptures around Snowmass Village during the winter season. His individually hand-forged steel branches and nest piece can be found in Base Village on the Ski Corral behind the Elk Camp Gondola.

Zakriya Rabani – Zakriya Rabani, based in Basalt, CO, takes inspiration from the relentless repetitive nature of the blue-green crashing waves, the push for strategic explosions of energy in the world of sport and competition, as well as an obsession of contending with present-day educational/institutional structures. Rabani challenges the patterns of man by using his own absurd experiences to fuel his art practice. His “S” series centers on the unexplained “S” symbol, and the newest iteration of that series, titled “Linked Obsessions”, is located along the Brush Creek Trail at the corner of Carriage Way.

The Art Walk, or any portion thereof, can be completed at any time, any season. During the walk, guests can also observe and interact with existing art, such as the Mammoth mural and bike rack on the Snowmass Mall, the Straight Line Studio Tiger in Base Village, and the Double Diamond statue in the roundabout near the Snowmass Center.

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