Aspen Snowmass Airport (ASE) Information

This summer, United, American and Delta airlines offer several options for nonstop flights each week, flying directly from seven cities. At peak times, those flights include:

  • United
    ~ 8 daily flights from DEN
    2 daily flights from LAX (up from one last year)
    1 daily flight from ORD
    1 daily flight from IAH
    1 daily flight from SFO
  • American
    1 daily flight from DFW
    1 daily flight from LAX + one new extra Saturday flight
    1 daily flight from ORD + one new extra Saturday flight
  • Delta
    2 daily flights from SLC (up from one last year)
    3 flights per week nonstop from LAX (Wed, Sat & Sun)

Snowmass is a mere 6 miles from the airport, which means you can get from gate to gondola or town in 30 minutes. In the winter, these airlines offer non-stop flights from ten cities: Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Dallas Ft. Worth, Salt Lake City and San Francisco. 


Aspen Snowmass Flight Map






Flight Information and Status

Aspen / Snowmass Flight Information Displays (FIDs) are available at, in the Aspen Airport, and on cable Channel 8 throughout the Aspen Snowmass area. Flight times and status are also available on,, and The airport strives to give passengers the timeliest flight information possible, though the weather conditions that create great ski conditions may also adversely impact flights. In variable weather, time delays and cancellations may not be known or updated until the scheduled departure times, because those departures are dependent upon arrivals that may not be able to land. Be advised that a flight status may change very quickly during these conditions and normal information displays may not reflect these changes until you have already departed for the airport. For more information on the airport or an updated flight status go to or call 1-970-544-3188.

Arrival at the Airport

For travel within the U.S., we recommend arriving 60 minutes before your flight if you are not checking bags and 90 minutes before your flight if you are. For international travel, we recommend arriving 2 hours before your flight. Expect extended lines for the Security Checkpoint.

On-Line Check-In and Information

Take advantage of,, and for early check-in, updated flight information, and additional travel information.

If you are rebooked to an Alternate Airport

When departing from an alternate airport (Denver, Eagle, or Grand Junction ) due to weather cancellations, allow enough travel time to ensure arriving at that airport in time to complete check-in and check baggage. During your travel to the alternate airport, please contact your airline to check flight availability and flight status, and make sure to have your reservation/ticket changed for a faster check-in at the new airport.

  • United Airline Reservations: 1-800-241-6522
  • American Airline Reservations: 1-800-433-7300
  • Delta Airline Reservations: 1-888-750-3284


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