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Intermediate Skiing Guide for All Ages

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Whether you’ve come to Snowmass before or are here for the first time, skiing your way across the mountain is one of the best and most fun ways to get to know all the different terrain Snowmass offers. Intermediate skiers have access to over half of the 3,342 acres on Snowmass, so grab your crew and head to the mountain to get acquainted! 

Village Express

Opening to the public at 8:30am, the Village Express is a great place to warm up your ski legs for the day. This lift allows riders to get off either at the mid-station location or ride up to the top for a longer ski down. From mid-station, warm up on your choice of greens and blues that will carry you back down to the base. We recommend Hal’s Hollow or Velvet Falls. From the top of the Village Express, you’ll find ample blues to cruise down. Crowd favorites are Moonshine and Max Park. You can link these to Hal’s Hollow or Velvet Falls to get back down to the base.

Once you’ve warmed up, it’s time to start making your way across the mountain. Head back up the Village Express and make your way over to the Big Burn chair lift.

Big Burn

This high-speed six-passenger lift will bring you to a variety of wide-open cruisers. Dallas Freeway, which starts under the lift, allows you to find some speed and carve out bigger turns. Sneaky’s, a favorite amongst many, offers breathtaking views of snow-covered peaks, as well as plenty of space to carve out turns. If you’re looking to ski a short bump run, jump on Jack of Hearts toward the bottom of Sneaky’s. 

Cirque Poma

This lift (best ridden on a clear day so you can take in the views!) brings you to an above-treeline run called Rocky Mountain High. Because this lift is primarily used to access the Cirque Headwall (double black terrain), it is not uncommon to find you have this run all to yourself. As you come to the bottom of this run, you’ll spot Up 4 Pizza. Take this opportunity to warm up and recharge with one of their gooey and delicious cookies!

Sheer Bliss

After enjoying a cookie (and maybe some hot chocolate!), head down Sheer Bliss. Enjoy plenty of space to spread out, and the opportunity to get some bump skiing in on the way down. At the bottom, you will pass a lift of the same name and continue to the Alpine Springs chair lift.

Alpine Springs

Alpine Springs offers your pick of blues! Head down Naked Lady for a lengthy, wide-open groomer at the top that brings you to rolling hills at the bottom. Coffee Pot, a local favorite, offers a steeper pitch and a mid-run traverse that leaves you feeling like you are in a winter wonderland among dense pine forests. 

High Alpine

Once you’ve skied a run or two on Alpine Springs, head toward the High Alpine lift. If you’re ready for a lunch break, High Alpine and Alpin Room (located inside High Alpine) are situated between the top of the Alpine Springs lift and the base of the High Alpine lift. Once you’ve recharged with a bite to eat, Upper Green Cabin from the top of High Alpine is calling your name. Take in the scenic views as you head down from the top of the treeline. Ski among pine trees to Lower Green Cabin, which you will take to get back up the Alpine Springs lift. 

Elk Camp

From the top of the Alpine Springs lift, take Turkey Trot to the Elk Camp chairlift. Elk Camp possesses a wide variety of terrain. Bull Run, a crowd favorite, offers plenty of open space throughout to carve out turns and choose your own adventure. Other favorites are Sandy Park and Gunner’s View. Alternatively, if you are looking for an extra challenge, take the short hike up to Long Shot for 5.3 miles of intermediate level powder, bumps, and trees.

Two Creeks

From Elk Camp, head toward Creekside or Cascade. Creekside starts out under the Two Creeks lift, and winds down to the base at Two Creeks. Cascade takes you down pitches of varying degree to meet up with Cascade as you make your way to the base. End your day with a warm beverage and snack at Two Creeks, or catch the bus back up to the Snowmass Mall or Base Village for après. 

Congratulations on making it across the mountain in one day! Now that you have skied your way across Snowmass’ varied terrain, we can’t wait to hear what your favorite runs are. We hope you use your newfound knowledge of the mountain to continue to explore!

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