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Trail Etiquette 101

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The 90+ miles of local trails are one of the biggest reasons to love Snowmass in the summer. Every trail offers a unique experience, some are better for solitude while others attract a variety of trail users and can, at times, feel a bit busier. Here are a few easy tips to keep in mind as we all share the trails we love. Being respectful and understanding more about the types of trail users you may encounter will help make everyone’s experience more positive.

  • Share the trail – Uphill users always have the right of way. Going uphill is hard work, let’s be kind and move aside for them to pass through.


  • Say hi! And, when passing someone let them know how many are in your group so they know when you are ‘all clear’.


  • Keep your speed in check. Make sure you’re in control enough to be able to stop or move aside should you encounter oncoming traffic. Blind corners are common and someone may be approaching you just on the other side.


  • Some folks love the quiet of nature and others enjoy using trails as a way to connect with others. Regardless, please be respectful and don’t be too loud out there.


  • Plan your route: some trails are only for hikers while others are only for downhill mountain biking. Make sure you choose the right trails for your experience. Visit BikeSnowmass.com or HikeSnowmass.com to help plan your day on the trails.


  • Leave No Trace. Pack it in, pack it out. There is no ‘trail mom’ or ‘trail clean-up crew’ to pick-up after you.


  • We love dogs. Please obey all leash laws and be sure to pick up any poop. (Sorry to say: the ‘poop fairy’ is not real)


  • Not every person wants to be greeted by a dog and not every dog wants to be greeted by other people. Please be courteous and ask before initiating any dog introductions.


  • Please respect wildlife. Never approach, feed, touch or harass any wildlife you encounter. That helps protect both you and them.


  • Sorry, no e-bikes on the trails. There are NO e-bikes (or e-boards) allowed on the dirt or ski area trails. If you’d like to ride an e-bike, Class-1 e-bikes are allowed on paved Snowmass trails such as Brush Creek.


  • Please respect private property. Many of our local trails cross through private property. These owners graciously allow for public trail usage to pass through, please be respectful so that we can continue to use these trails for decades to come. 


Visit BikeSnowmass.com or HikeSnowmass.com for trail info and local tips. Trail conditions, closures, and additional etiquette rules can be found on snowmassrecreation.com. We hope you have a great exploring in and around Snowmass!

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