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Getting Perfect Wedding Photos

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Perfect wedding photos don’t just happen by chance. But, with a bit of preparation and the right photographer, you can set yourself up to have a perfectly captured wedding day with photos that will leave you breathless for a lifetime. Here are a few tips from former Aspen Snowmass wedding photographer, Michele Cardamone, to make sure you get the kind of images you will forever cherish from your photographer on your wedding day:


  • When choosing your photographer make sure that you actually really like them. In a big way, they are a part of your wedding day. You want to feel confident that you can both relax and be playful around them. If you trust them and feel comfortable then this will be reflected in the photos. Make sure that they are creative, have vision and can surprise you with new perspectives.


  • Another important thing is to be super organized before-hand so that you can just relax and have fun on your big day. That means making sure that you give your photographer a shot list and a timeline so that he/she knows what is important to you and how and when it is all going to unfold. Then, you can trust that it will all be captured in a unique and magical way since you’ve already done all the work to prepare your photographer the best you can in advance.


  • Make sure that you’ve hired someone who will be unobtrusive but will speak up when they need you for a certain shot. I would always tap the couple on the shoulder just before that magical time at sunset (which is usually after a few drinks!) to get what usually turned out to be the magical standout photos that they ultimately loved most!


  • Remember to go with the flow! If it rains simply bring out the umbrellas and go with it! A romantic image with umbrellas in the rain will rival that coveted sunset shot. 


Written by Michele Cardamone, Photographer

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