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Tips & Tricks for Your Outdoor Ceremony

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Everyone loves an outdoor wedding — especially when it’s nestled within the incredible mountain scenery that Snowmass is known for. But, there’s more to a perfect wedding than an awe-inspiring setting.

Pulling off a perfect outdoor wedding takes experience, infrastructure, and ingenuity. And, not every mountain town is equipped to deliver on all of these. Snowmass — vast in both views and experience — has everything you’ll need for dream-come-true nuptials.

This is not to say that planning an outdoor wedding is easy; they bring a few more challenges than simply figuring out the seating chart for the reception! Here are a few tips, tricks, and ideas to make sure your outdoor wedding is as perfect as the blue Colorado sky:


  1. Weather is weather. And, even with the odds in your favor (Colorado averages 300+ days of sunshine per year!), the unexpected can happen. Be sure to speak with your venue about a backup plan, as well as a way to keep your guests comfortable if there needs to be a slight delay. Use the delay as an opportunity to set the stage for the evening. Consider hosting pre-ceremony signature cocktails with umbrellas, spiked snow cones or even offering logo’d disposable rain ponchos or hats.
  2. Yes, your guests are here for you — but also for the view, so make sure the ceremony is positioned to give all of your guests an enjoyable view. Luckily, that’s pretty easy to do in Snowmass. Check the view from the last row of chairs, as well as from any gathering spots.
  3. While you’re at it, be sure to plan for photography spots — formal and informal — that take advantage of the views.
  4. Wear sunscreen. High-altitude sun is very strong and it’s much easier and faster to burn yourself than lower elevations. Consider offering individual packets of sunscreen with your logo on them.
  5. Plan to have a hydration station with spa water, signature beverages and fresh fruit. It’s especially important to stay hydrated at high-altitudes. And, the ceremony is a great time to top-up that personal water tank before the party begins. 
  6. Especially, if your ceremony is midday, you’ll get plenty of thanks for putting out parasols. Bonus: they make great photo props!
  7. Paper fans are also appreciated, especially during those hotter midsummer months. And, they can be printed as the ceremony program.
  8. For a little end-of-ceremony celebration, consider releasing butterflies as a special touch. Other fun ideas include popping champagne bottles and throwing aspen leaves.
  9. Invite your guests to write a wish on a stone and place it in a bowl. It can add a little extra meaning to the marriage blessing.
  10. Sunglasses on each chair is fun, and a great photo op of all your guests!


Written by Eva Pekkala, Events Director, Aspen Skiing Company

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