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The 5 Most Instagrammable Spots in Snowmass

What would a vacation to the top of the Rocky Mountains be without some amazing imagery to share with everyone back home? It is hard not to find natural beauty and amazing views in every direction in Snowmass – from the trails, to the chairlifts, to the snowy walks on the Mall and ice skating under the stars, just to name a few. But we decided to do the heavy lifting for you and scope out every angle to get the perfect shot. We love to share #Snowmass moments with the world, but remember this is our favorite place in the world too, so make sure to be respectful and leave everything as you found it. 

  1. Nothing says “Welcome to Snowmass” like the over-sized chair on the Snowmass Mall. It is located midway down the mall, just across from Christy Sports. The chair is a long standing piece of history and a definite Instagram-worthy shot. So climb up into the chair and strike a pose.
  2. The Maroon Bells are widely regarded as the most photographed peaks in North America. In the winter, it’s a long hike or snowmobile ride to access the iconic view. What most people don’t realize is that can take in the majestic view from the top of the Elk Camp Chair at Snowmass. The view point is at 11,325 ft, so you are on even footing with the Maroon Bells which stand 14,163 ft tall, as well as a row of ragged peaks lining the Bells. This is one spot you may not want to be limited to a selfie – have someone else step back and capture you in the jaw-dropping scenery.

  3. On the other side of the mountain from Elk Camp is an equally breathtaking spot, on Sneaky’s run. As you descend from the Big Burn lift on the skier’s left side of the slope you are treated to a full 180 degree view of soaring peaks. We aren’t the only ones who love this vista. There is a bench just beyond the ropes and above the start of “Sneaky’s Trees” to give you a moment to sit and take it all in. Across the valley is the imposing peak that Snowmass takes its name from.

  4. Sometimes the best shots happen when you take a step back and readjust your view. For this we recommend heading to Black Saddle Bar & Grille, home to the Snowmass Golf Course and Cross Country Center. From the undulating hills you look up toward the village and the peaks of the Elk Mountains loom above the snowy ski runs. This is the view that will have everyone back home asking you to drop a pin to share your location.

  5. If you want to stretch your legs and go a little further for the shot, you are sure to win Instagram with a photo from the yin yang, also known as Spiral Point, at the top of south Rim Trail. The trailhead is on Divide Road and the trail is a winding 1.3 miles from bottom to top – limited parking is available on Divide Road. Though this trail sees year-round hikers, be prepared for a snowy path with the proper footwear and stabilizers. At the top you are treated to a 360-degree views with an unimpeded view of Mount Daly, a fourteener across the valley. The trail is dog friendly – with a leash of course – and nothing gets likes quite like a pup in the mountains.

No matter what your favorite shot is, make sure to tag you #Snowmass moments so we can share your amazing images too. We are always amazed at the new angles and views shared all over our social feeds; we can’t wait to see your adventures too.

photo and content provided by Jordan Curet

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