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Snowmass is truly a giant outdoor playground, and during the summer months, a myriad of hiking options are all out your front (and back) doors. With endless amounts of trails to choose from, here are a few ways to narrow down your choice of Snowmass hikes for the day:


Rim Trail


Start your day right with a gradual climb up Rim Trail South to the summit where you will find 360-degree views and a granite Ying-Yang (Check out Aspen Sojourner’s dedicated article on the Yin-Yang here). Start early enough and you’ll most likely catch an unforgettable sunrise. To get to the South Rim Trail, park in the designated parking lot located on Divide Road.


Cardio Challenge

Start along the easy-going, relatively flat Ditch Trail until you reach a bench overlooking views of Mount Daly, East Snowmass, and Snowmass Creek. Then hike about .25 miles uphill until you reach the cut off for the start of the West Government Trail. Hike amongst Aspen groves until you reach the Campground Connector Trail which takes you back down to the Ditch Trail and retrace your steps back to the parking lot. Park at the Divide Parking Lot located at the top of Brush Creek Road.



Ascend the scenic Viewline trail and take in expansive views of Snowmass Village that can be enjoyed the entire way up and down. Once you reach the top of the Viewline trail, enjoy the sunset and continue along to the Skyline Ridge trail for a longer hike or simply turn around and see the views from a different perspective. Park at Town Park (known as the Rodeo lot) to access the Viewline trailhead.


Best for the family

Easily access the trailhead for the Nature Trail in lot #7 just above the Snowmass Village Mall. This hike is very gradual and offers lots of excitement to keep the little ones entertained, including a nice flowing stream for rock throwing and large beaver dams for viewing. For a longer hike, continue along to the Sleigh Ride Trail down towards Fanny Hill back to the Snowmass Village Mall, or turn around and head back the way you came. Parking is free in the numbered lots.


Best with your furry friend

The Ditch Trail offers shade, water, and views for you and your pup. The Ditch Trail follows along an old irrigation ditch, which gives your pup the opportunity to take a drink whenever they get hot or tired. Once you reach Snowmass Creek, you have the opportunity to continue on up the East Snowmass Trail or stop for a quick look at the rushing water, and then retrace your steps back to the Divide Parking Lot. Make sure to take a minute about halfway through your hike to enjoy the breathtaking views of Mount Daly and Snowmass Creek, best viewed from the solo bench overhanging the valley. Depending on the time of year, you may also enjoy the sounds of a running waterfall flowing into the creek from this viewpoint. Park at the Divide Parking Lot located at the top of Brush Creek Road.


Best hiking-only trail:

The Vista Trail, located within Snowmass Ski Area, is a nice gradual climb that runs adjacent to the Elk Camp Gondola, ending at the Elk Camp Restaurant. The hike does not allow bikers so you can enjoy the uphill challenge without worrying about downhill traffic. Reach the top of the Elk Camp Gondola, and enjoy a delicious lunch from the Elk Camp Restaurant, you’ve earned it! Start hiking from Snowmass Base Village, free parking is available in the Base Village Parking Garage.


Always remember to bring:

A hat, sunscreen, rain jacket, snacks, plenty of water and a map. If you are going alone, ensure that someone else knows where you are going and when you are coming back!

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