With over 3,300 skiable acres, Snowmass is so big and the terrain so varied, there’s plenty of playground for everyone from young children to your inner child. Spend the day grinning ear-to-ear on wide, rolling cruisers or fuel your adrenaline with dizzying cliff drops. And, since Snowmass averages only 2 skiers per acre, there’s plenty of space to play. And, just because the lifts stop at the end of the day, doesn’t mean the smiles need to.

In Snowmass, the family fun doesn’t end just because the lifts stop spinning. Reminisce on your day around the fire pits with free apres-ski s’mores every day. Take a few laps around the brand new Base Village ice skating rink- free all season long. Need another dose of adrenaline and ear-to-ear grins? The Breathtaker alpine coaster wooshes though the Elk Camp mid-mountain winter wonderland. And, of course, the fun doesn’t end there. Be sure to check out daily activities and events going on all season long.

Top 5 Reasons Snowmass is Perfect for Kids

Very Important Kids Snowmass


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