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AFAR: The Best Places to Visit for Dinosaur Lovers of Any Age

Plan an entire trip around your (or your little ones’) favorite types of dinosaurs. Here’s where to go to spot your most beloved species.


The first dinosaurs roamed the Earth hundreds of millions of years ago, and so far approximately 700 species of dinosaurs have been named; new ones are still being discovered. With so many fossil sites for dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures located around the globe, it can be hard to narrow down which ones to visit.

One way to design a fossils-focused trip is to seek out specific prehistoric beasts. Whether you have a dinosaur-obsessed kiddo who wants to see a feathered, armored, or horned species, or you are inspired to visit some of the creatures featured in the Jurassic World movies, these 11 dinosaur-devoted sites are well worth a stop. Continue Reading

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