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Complete your Wild West experience by exploring the serene beauty of the Snowmass aspen forests and wildflower meadows on a guided horseback adventure. Snowmass is home to over 23 miles of Equestrian Trails. Follow meandering creeks toward their headwaters. Hightail it into the Maroon Bells Wilderness.horse Enjoy unmatched views from beautiful high alpine basins and mountain passes. This is an excellent way to fully immerse yourself in the pioneering spirit of the area. Rides vary in experience and ability level from never-ridden-before to experienced horseman (and woman). Half-day, full-day, and overnight pack trips are available, and many rides include gourmet meals and even the option to fish the wandering creeks you’ll ride alongside.

One to five hour, full-day and overnight trips are available daily during the summer months. Prices vary by tour and provider.


Local Guides:
Blazing Adventures, 970.923.4544
Snowmass Creek Outfitters, 970.704.0707


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