High Expectations

People don’t come to Snowmass to laze around.

Sure, there are plenty of hot tubs, sunny decks, and quiet mountain meadows in which to find a bit of peace, but a trip to Snowmass is more about finding a piece of the action. No matter what the season, our mountains, streets, and businesses are abuzz with things to keep mind, body, and spirit engaged.

Spring and summer bring long days and mild temperatures that are perfect for hiking up wildflower-strewn trails, or thundering down them on a mountain bike, or dancing madly at an outdoor concert. A day that begins ballooning may head daringly downstream on a whitewater raft ride, and land you later at our delightfully authenitc rodeo. In the fall, the foliage is the star, but the outdoor action continues on uncrowded trails. In between the athletic sojourns, there’s always a delicious meal and a cold drink waiting, as well as a host of educational and cultural activities.

Winter is what Snowmass is known for, and deservedly so. The snow is light and plentiful, and the mind-boggling variety of terrain on the mountain’s 3300 acres means you’ll never get bored. There are cruisers, glades, steeps, terrain parks, and halfpipes for any skill level, as well as a world-famous ski school that can take any skier to the next level — whether it’s your first time in boots, or you’re an expert in the chutes. If you’re not into downhill, there are miles of Nordic trails, as well as the aforementioned hot tubs and sunny decks.

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