Daly Dose of Snowmass – The Shrines

Have you ever stumbled across any of Snowmass’s best kept secret? We are talking about the Shrines, 60+ memorials to people or things hidden off the slopes and amongst the trees. The Shrines are unique to Aspen/Snowmass — no other resort in the country has anything quite like it. But you can’t find them on a map, so you had better start hunting!

3 Responses to Daly Dose of Snowmass – The Shrines

  1. bob trevey says:

    very nice video.

  2. Kirsten says:

    We went to find the Golf shrine today only to discover it had apparently been ripped down by snow patrol. Really sad. Tourists can take their dollars anywhere but a a lot choose Aspen because of its eclectic difference. These nuances draw tourists who pay the wages of the people who ripped this shrine down. Ironic and sad.

    • Liz Winn says:

      We were sad to see it go as well. While we were not involved in that decision, we trust that the Snowmass Ski Patrol and Aspen Skiing Company fully considered all the options before acting.

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