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S’more S’mores Please!

After a long day of skiing, there is nothing better than cozying up by a crackling fire. For the traditional fireside snack all you need are three ingredients…


Graham Crackers? Check!

Chocolate Bars? Check!

Marshmallows? Check!


With these in hand and a toasty flame to gather around, you are ready to start roasting some s’mores!

Though associated with camping, s’mores have become the ultimate snack for après in Snowmass. Not only do local restaurants stock the fixings, but every day from 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm the Snowmass S’mores Cart provides free graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolates and a roasting stick for anyone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth. The cart is hard to miss, shaped like a giant marshmallow, and parked fireside at the fire pits on the Snowmass Village Mall and in Base Village.

Are you new to s’mores? Have no fear, the process couldn’t be easier! Start by skewering your marshmallow on the s’mores stick and rotate it above the flames of the fire pit until it is roasted to a perfect, toasty, golden brown. Like rotisserie, the best roasted marshmallows have an even golden brown all the way around. The key is to warm it up, making the inside soft and gooey without catching the marshmallow on fire (practice makes perfect but that just means more s’mores for you!). Local’s insider tip – if you put the graham with chocolate by the fire, your marshmallow vessel will be perfectly melted as well. Once your marshmallow is roasted, put the graham cracker with chocolate around the bottom and squeeze it with the other half of the graham cracker to slide it off the roasting stick. Once your s’more is assembled it’s likely you’ll need both hands to complete the dismount and ensure every sticky, chocolaty bite is accounted for.

While chocolate, ‘mallows and grahams are the conventional construction, the Snowmass S’mores Cart loves to shake things up with specialty ingredients to mix up the s’mores flavor profile, like stroopwafels, white chocolate, mint chocolate, pretzel crisps, peanut butter cups, and gingerbread cookies. Think we missed something? Be sure to let us know, we are always open to more secret s’more recipes.

While kids love s’mores, s’moring is truly an all ages activity. No matter how “grown up” you believe yourself to be, we are all young at heart and never too old for time around the fire making s’mores. So, gather up your tribe for a nostalgic laugh or a cozy date to enjoy this classic toasted treat.

Little kids and big kids alike, we will see you fireside in Snowmass for another season of s’mores!




Contributor: Jordan Curet

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