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Banana Days Scavenger Hunt

Dec. 16, 2017 | All Day Event

69 Carriage Way, Snowmass Village, CO 81615 [ MAP ]

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Go, go, Bananas! Banana Days, a popular on-mountain scavenger hunt dating back to the 1980s, makes its return on Saturday, December 16th, in honor of Snowmass’ 50th anniversary. All are invited to hunt for 1,967 plastic bananas hidden on the mountain, in Base Village and around the Snowmass Mall – each containing a different prize.

Prizes range from stickers and chapstick, to ski demos and lessons, to gift certificates for food & drinks at Snowmass restaurants, to outdoor adventures, and more. Big Bananas – bananas with major prizes – will be found by following clues that will be aired on local radio and posted online.

On December 16th, keep your eyes and ears peeled for clues on local radio station KSPN 103.1, on Snowmass’ Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, and on this page.

Culminate Banana Days at Elk Camp Restaurant with a party worthy of the Banana Days of old, starting at 1:30 p.m.


How to Participate in Banana Days

There are four ways to participate in Banana Days – 

1. For the casual participant, several hundred bananas can be found strewn across open terrain and Snowmass Mall and Base Village, no clues needed, starting at 8:30 a.m. when the lifts open. Prizes include t-shirts, hats, logo’ d merchandise, cash, dining certificates, and more.

2. The Grand Banana Scavenger Hunt kicks off at 10:00 a.m. in Base Village with the first clue broadcast on KSPN, a nod to the 1980’s Banana Days, where clues were broadcast only via the radio. The Grand Banana Scavenger Hunt leads anyone with an affinity for riddles, puns, and Snowmass history all over Snowmass Ski Area, Snowmass Mall, and Base Village for a chance to win the Grand Banana Prizes. A three night, all-inclusive stay at the Galley Bay Resort & Spa in Antigua. The trip is based on double occupancy and some restrictions do apply. Airfare is not included. A $2,500 gift card to Gorsuch, and two weekend passes to JAS Aspen Snowmass Labor Day Experience 2018.

Note: the ONLY way to participate in the Grand Banana Scavenger Hunt is to start with the first clue broadcast via KSPN. None of the other clues released via social media or GoSnowmass.com will be a part of that scavenger hunt!

3. Follow on social for more top prizes! Guests can win other valuable prizes by following clues on local radio station KSPN 103.1, and by following #BananaDays on @AspenSojourner and @Snowmass’ Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Clues will be announced starting at 10:00 a.m., first on KSPN followed by social media. All clues will also be posted on www.GoSnowmass.com/bananadays.Prizes including ski demos and lessons, gift certificates for food & drinks at Snowmass restaurants, outdoor adventures and clothing, and more. 

4. A smaller scavenger hunt for kids 12 and under will also take place at 10:00 a.m. and last throughout the day. Children can pick up a kid’s trail map and clue guide at the Lift Ticket Pavilion on the Snowmass Mall and Base Village, as well as at the Treehouse Adventure Center. All children will receive a prize upon completion of the scavenger hunt. 


Banana Days Clues!
The best and fastest way to get these clues is to tune into KSPN on the radio. They will be sharing clues 15 minutes ahead of them being posted online.

Please note, when you arrive at the clue destination you MUST say “I am here for clue #___”

Clue #1:  A web of controversy surrounded the course that weaves its way down to your prize.

Clue #2: The Oldest restaurant still in operation on the Mall.

Clue #3: The “Red Lift” carried our first guests up the hill in 1967, they boarded their inaugural ride from this locale.

Clue #4: This inclined channel is named for Roaring Fork Valley’s earliest settlers. After traversing this run hop in line for lunch.

Clue #5: In the 1970s you might have gone here to see a show at the Opticon Theatre, in the 80s you may have attended a conference in this space, in the 90s you could have brought your Snow Cub here for ski lessons, but now you head here to strike out.

Clue #6: If you feel up for ‘hanging out’ here, you had better hang on tight, and enjoy the flight.

Clue #7: A bar named after a cowhide-clad drinking-vessel, was once located here, and one of the original owners went on to become a world famous troubadour who never lost his connections to this Valley. Find this former, below-grade-bar, and mention the original name, and owner’s name to win!

Clue #8: Before there was a Base Village this place housed the Aspen Skiing Company corporate offices.

Clue #9: In operation since 1967, the oldest slope-side ski shop in town is still family owned and operated.

Clue #10: If you need to know today’s summit temperature, barometric pressure, the summit wind
speed or the time, you would head here.

Clue #11: During the 1980s Snow Bunny’s congregated here in the winter, and sunbathers lapped up this community amenity during summer months.

Clue #12: In the 1970s Snowmass Spring break festivities would not have been complete without the infamous ski jump. Head the grassy space where all the fun once took place.

Clue #13: Fire breathing meets Far East cuisine; brought to our Mountain town by this former mayor. Find him in his former haunt.

Clue #14: This Shop is one of the oldest continuously running stores in the Mall. Also, it’s the namesake of Snowmass’ most prominent thirteener

Clue #15 (the last one!): Try not to get the wind knocked out of you on this wild ride

Thanks for playing and hope you found a banana or two!


Banana costumes encouraged!


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