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Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner for Under $15

Whether you are on a budget or pacing your spending, we have found the best options to stay under $15 for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Breakfast – Fuel

To start off a day of skiing, you need a hearty breakfast to get you going. But you don’t want to be so full you can’t bend over to buckle your boots. At the east end of the Snowmass Mall you can’t miss Fuel. Whether you are looking for a cuppa joe or a double shot Spanish Salted Mocha, hot drinks range from $2.05 to $5.46.

This is gourmet take-out at its finest. With bagels and burritos, no matter what the filling, the price is the same across the board, $5.23. And if you like to keep it light, check out the smoothie options. Don’t forget to leave a couple bucks for the ladies crushing it behind the counter. As they say, “we have everything you need to fuel your body and soul!” With a full belly, you’re ‘Fueled‘ up for any adventure.


Lunch – The Crêpe Shack by Mawa’s Kitchen

When your legs need a midday break, or the hunger pangs set in, head for Snowmass Base Village. In the brand new plaza, you will find The Crêpe Shack by Mawa’s Kitchen next to the ice rink. Don’t be deceived by the name, this little shack has fully loaded crêpes to fill you up for the rest of the day. They have everything, from the Ham and Cheese($9.95) to Mawa’s Green($12.95) with avocado, spinach, basil pesto, mozzarella and quite a few flavors in between. If you are really hungry order up the Colorado Burger ($14.95). It’s filled with ground bison, arugula, tomatoes, caramelized onions, a Gruyère & Swiss blend, and a horseradish cream sauce. Substitute organic, vegan, gluten-free buckwheat batter($2). Make sure you save room for a few more laps after lunch.


Dinner – The Stew Pot

It doesn’t matter how warm it gets after a day on the slopes, nothing beats a hearty cup of soup in the winter. One of the best comfort food meals you can have is at The Stew Pot on the Snowmass Mall. With homemade soups, stews, and chilis in a casual alpine setting it will warm you through and through. The heftiest bowl of stew tops out at $11.50. But if a cup of soup isn’t for you there are sandwiches and salads a plenty. From the Pilgrim($10.95) to Portabella Panini($11.95) it’s hard to go wrong. Instead of chips, for an extra $3.00 you can substitute a cup of soup or chili as a combo with your sandwich. And for the snowiest of days on the slope, pair our soup with a Hot Apple Pie cocktail to warm you to the core!

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